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#MaDDHouse Server Rules

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1 #MaDDHouse Server Rules on Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:58 am


#MaDD Owner
#MaDD Owner
Below are the rules that have been put in place by the #MaDDHouse Owners.
A breach of any sort of the following will result in the appropriate punishment from the admin dealing with the situation. If you wish to protest about a ban put in place, please visit our SourceBans page by clicking the link at the top of the page. This will then be discussed by the #MaDDHouse Admin team and any evidence reviewed with the final decision resting with the #MaDDHouse Owners and Admin team.
BEWARE: the ban may also be increased upon reviewing evidence if the #MaDDHouse Owners and Admin team see evidence that was unseen before and the original ban was too light.

1: Do not hack or script. eg: aimbot, wallhack, etc.

2: Be respectful to other people and their age, race, gender, background and other personal matters. eg: DO NOT be racist, sexist or any other "ist" that will disrespect someone (includes being disrespectful the Mothers, "motherist").

3: Do not spam the server. eg: Do not fill spam with text chat/binds.

4: Enjoy yourself and have fun, if you are not we invite you to not be part of this community and ruin it for those that are. eg: smile, laugh, slap your knee and say "Jolly good time chap".

5: Do not use glitches or game exploits. eg: Some maps have glitches/exploits, just don't use them.

6: Listen to the Admins and do not abuse them. eg: If an Admin gives you a directive and you do not follow it, don't scream at them in chat because you we're an idiot.

7: Make an attempt to complete the game/map objectives. eg: Do not camp ct spawn on Office.

8: Do not advertise other services. eg: Do not spam chat with the IP for another server.

9. Do not beg for store credits. eg: you will get these as you play on our servers. Please do not beg other people to give you credits.

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